Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Official First Post

What a perfect first post. I have been worrying about what to write, but today I experienced something that in my mind, is very "first post" worthy!

Claire sat on Santa's lap today. I know, it seems a little last minute, but I tried early last week. Last week we got there right at 10am. We were second in line, and found out a bit later that Santa would be an hour and a half late! Danny joked, calling Santa a lush, and we left so Claire could take her morning nap. The second time last week we got ready to go. Claire was all dressed up and I was putting her shoes on when I noticed she pooped all over her whole outfit. There goes that try.

Today was so great! We got there right at 10am again, but this time we were about 150th in line. Woops. I worked a little magic, talked to one of Santa's picture taking elves and asked if we could go earlier since we waited that one day when Santa was recovering ha! We went 2nd and Claire did wonderfully! I tried to not let her see Santa in attempt to keep her wails under control, but she saw him. She sat right down and stared and stared. After a few photos were snapped she even talked with Santa a bit. I loved Santa. He was so sweet and jolly. Claire may not have flashed a big smile for the picture, but we made it through her first encounter with Santa. Next year may not be as easy, but I can't wait to continue this tradition every Christmas!